Cysteine Curl Softening Treatment

My hair has always been a complicated topic for me. I was a curly haired girl (where my sistahs at?) right from my golliwog days in school to my tight ringlets in college. When I was really young (5-7 maybe) I used to get my mum to tie a pink towel around my head which I would swish around me, pretending I had long silky hair like the women in all those shampoo commercials. I hated my hair asa kid because I never understood it. It was always short and curly or shoulder length with no curls and just so difficult to manage. Frizz was my worst enemy. It’s only when I came to college in Bangalore that a really cool senior of mine realised I had no clue about one of my strongest assets. She taught me about step-haircuts, serums, mousse and hand-scrunching, and after then there was no looking back. I fell in love with my curls and I never wanted anything different. Continue reading “Cysteine Curl Softening Treatment”

The Monthly Monster

I’m writing this piece for all those women out there who go through the same thing and for everyone who shudders at the words “menstruation” or “period”. A woman’s cycle is the most natural part of her existence and also the reason she can bear children. Continue reading “The Monthly Monster”

Be You!


I’m a romantic at heart and I love being in love. I grew up with my nose in a book and yes, romance has always been one of my favorite things. I love proposals and weddings and candlelit dinners. And I look forward to my own wedding one day.

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Aroma Magic by Blossom Kochhar – Skincare Review

I have been searching and experimenting and looking and dying for good skincare products for a few months now. Everything I tried fell flat and nothing seemed to work for my skin. Of late I’ve been experiencing redness, dull skin and bumpy patches around my T-zone. And the oiliness! Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the feeling of an oil tanker exploding on your face each morning. Oily skin girls, you feel me, don’t-cha?

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